Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Podcast + Interview For Playgroundmag.net

Just recorded a podcast for Playgroundmag.net with new tracks by myself, ColzSpatial and Hot City.
I've included the link to download the 2 free tracks I've used to start the mix, check the tracklist below.
While you dload the podcast, you can read the interview with Spatial on Infrasonics' past and future and a few words by myself rambling about buying a new synth...
Check it out and subscribe to the website for the download.


XXXY - Fela!! (Free DL)
SEIJI - Agua Riddim (Free DL)
HOT CITY - Work The Box (Dub)
GON - Teg Wond (Dub)
CONNECT 1 - I know (Nice 'n' Fruity)
DUB MONSTERS - Untitled (Fifty First)
GRIEVOUS ANGEL - Move Down [VIP Mix] (Soul Jazz)
JOE - Claptrap
SPATIAL - 100402 (Forthcoming Infrasonics)
JAMIE GRIND - If You Want (Infrasonics)
COLZ - Coverage (Demo)
GHOST - The Spooks (Ghost)
DJ WOLFE ft. MIC MAN - Graveyard (Knifes Edge)

Check http://playgroundmag.net/ for podcasts, reviews, downloads and videos, cool site.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

RSA Animate

I stumbled upon these great videos on Youtube where they use speed illustrations to accompany a 10 min lecture on different subjects from Superfreakonomics,  the crisis of capitalism, what motivates us and plenty more. The illustrations help the information stick in your brain and they are quite funny:

Check out more talks, videos and ideas at http://www.thersa.org/