Monday, November 29, 2010

Ebola music workshop #2: "Pumping Bass"

The video was featured in this interview with Altered Natives I was reading...

A.K. 'XXXX Nights' Mix for Le Tanque blog

Get the mix over at Le. Tanque

01: Bombay Bicycle Club – Always Like This (Pariah Remix)
02: Kyle Hall – Ghosten
03: Chesca – The Floor Is Yours
04: Chubby Dubz – 31 Flavours (Late Nite Dub)
05: AK & Gon – Unintended Consequences (Demo)
06: Bleep District – Secret Disciples (Jonno & Tommo’s New Testament Dub)
07: Egyptrixx – The Only Way Up
08: Elgato – Blue
09: Giom – Bring Down The Walls
10: Dirt Crew – BigBadCity
11: House Jackerz – Bad Habit
12: The Fives – It’s What You Do
13: Sepalcure – Music That I know So Well
14: M83 – Teen Angst (Luciano remix)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Infrasonics Rave!

MA1 - Rinse 21/11/10

MA1 played a new funky riddim I sent him in his last show on Rinse, check check, he played some real gems, wait to hear that tribal killer by Geeneus halfway through the show!!

Here MA1 talks in depth about Uk Funky after playing Xtra Large in Germany :

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Danny Macaskill: 'Way back home'

Only found out about this guy today via twitter. Sick skills, great footage:

And an older one with a deserved 21 million views on Youtube:

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mixology 7 Mixed by A.K. & Gon




Soft Wasp – Let me be (Shatterfreak Remix)
Swarms – Function 212
TRG – Everything We Stand For
Ike Release – I’m Gone
Jamie Grind – Bad Attitude (You Know It)
C.R.S.T. – Dial The Operator
Des Demure – Money Beet
Littlefoot – Sell My Soul
Sbtrkt – When Doves Strike
Kidkut. – ILove04
Octa Push – Laika Likes It
Sentinels – Maji
Hot City – Twist feat. MCDT
Kingthing – A2 Dubplate
Corticyte – Nextstep
Falty DL – Phreqaflex

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tom Green gots flow

Tom Green on beats and rhymes with his old group Organized Rhyme 'Check the O.R.' (1993 - Canada)

Bill Hicks & Joe Rogan

I finally got broadband. I had to wait for a month for the phone line to be activated and ditch the money-sucking Usb dongle I've been abusing for 4 weeks. I'm finally back in the real world and I've happily spent a sleepless night on my sorely missed Youtube. It was all worth it, I found a short Bill Hicks video I've never seen before (I thought I knew them all at this stage), one of his last performances from 1993. Not of of his all-time best material but I love the interaction between him and Bonnie,  the on-stage signer. I've also added his famous 'It's just a ride' message, it's always good to listen back to it. All I can say about Bill is that after watching him years ago for the first time doing his stand up on screen, things were never the same. I could go on and on about him but thankfully I found this great interview with Joe Rogan (another great thinker/comedian of our times) where he explains, much better than I would, why Bill was the real deal and how he was inspired by him. Final video is an excerpt from Rogan's Podcast with added animation created by one of his fans from Argentina. Enjoy the next 20 minutes.