Thursday, December 31, 2009

Freebird Records

This is the record store I worked in for the last 7 years, until it closed down last month.
I could go on forever on how many good moments I had and how many good heads I met but I won't, I'm not that good at writing, just trust me that I did.
My friend Goldy, who I worked with in the shop for the first 5 years, recorded a mix that could be considered a love/goodbye letter to the place, so I'll let him do the honours:

Here's a video segment broadcasted on Rte 1 about 3 years ago on Freebird and Sound Cellar:

A video flyer for Record Store Day, kindly put together by AK:

A video/pics slideshow of  Record Store Day uploaded by the mighty Dj Mayhem:

A live performance by Biggles Flys Again in the Wicklow St. store:

And here a link to some of the people that worked in the shop in the last decade:


Don't forget that the 2nd Freebird Records shop is still open and it's located at 'The secret book & record store' 15/A Wicklow St., Dublin 2. - Tel 01 7079955 - Email:

Best Lp of the Noughties: Count Bass D 'Dwight Spitz'

I saw a few sites listing their favorites albums of the decade so I thought it was another great excuse to talk about 'Dwight Spitz'. I say that because since it came out, I tried to make sure that everyone I met would be aware of it.
Some of the best beats on the Lp are in the skits, one minute gems like 'Jussa Playa' or 'Say no to drugs'. It also contains the only beat that ever gave me goose bumps which is 'Blues for Percy Carey', when those big piano stabs hit, I melt.
Not a dead note in the whole album, great sampling, lyrics and beat making, a classic from the multi-instrumenatlist/lirycist Dwight Farrel aka Count Bass D.
Thanks to Goldy for the heads up, 'back in the day'.

The vinyl release is hard to find but if you're ready to fork out 80 squids you can get it here.

Get the download version here on iTunes.

Support the artist --->

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Uk Funky Mix Live On 'The Welfare Clinic'

Guest mix on Dj Welfare's 'The Welfare Clinic' radio show.
Last live broadcast on  Radio na Life 106.4 fm for 2009
Welfare started with 30' of smoked out jungletek and after me AK mixed an exclusive blend of some of his favorite Soundcloud tracks but ended the show with the epic Carl Sagan 'A glorious dawn' 7".
I didn't upload the full show only because of time constraints with my Soundcloud account but you can grab it on Dj Welfare's page.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Glorious Dawn

After seeing this little gem delivered to AK's door a couple of weeks ago, jealousy took over me and I had to have it myself. The music on this 7" is produced by John Boswell whose goal is " to bring scientific knowledge and philosophy to the masses, in a novel way, through the medium of music... 
It features the auto-tuned voice of the late Carl Sagan and a small guest appearance by Stephen Hawking.  All the samples are taken from the the award-winning 1980 television series 'Cosmos: A Personal Voyage'. 

My deep hatred for Auto-tune didn't stop me from wanting a copy on 7" vinyl. Go here to purchase it for only $10 including shipping!  By the way, it's on the new Jack White of  The White Stripes' record label.

The video is pure class (lyrics on the side bar):

Monday, December 21, 2009

Smokey R.I.P.

This morning Smokey the cat died after being with us for only 4 years.
He was my flatmate's cat but I loved him as if he was mine.
A full-on purring machine with beautiful black hair, Smokerello has spent more time with me in my studio than any other human, unafraid of loud basslines and constantly looking for that perfect spot where he could rest and wait for his hourly dose of stroking.
I just wanted to remember him because he always brought a smile to my face and a warm feeling every time I was with him, he was a 'good dog' and he'll be deeply missed in this house.