Friday, February 12, 2010


About a month ago Chesus & Rodski hit me up on Soundcloud to exchange some tunes and after opening my inbox I was blown away by the quality and the quantity of their tracks produced with Stroud and Tony Blitz under the acronym C.R.S.T. 

They showcased their skills on the buttons in this mix uploaded on Mixcloud and allow me to say it: it's propaaaaaaaaaaaa! 

New and forthcoming releases on No Hats No Hoods, Bigger Than Barry, On The Brink and more:

C.R.S.T No Hats No Hoods E.P.  by  C.R.S.T

    C.R.S.T Bigger Than Barry E.P.  by  C.R.S.T

    Car Crash Set EP - C.R.S.T  by  C.R.S.T

    C.R.S.T OnTheBrink E.P.  by  C.R.S.T

And if that wasn't enough:

And a freebie on a fidget tip:

With all this goodness 2010 must be their year, if you dig their sound go support them:

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