Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Barry Whiteside 'Dead Lover's Waltz'

From his Yotube Channel:

"My experimentation with stop motion animation. Yes, that rhymed. I am something of a wordsmith.

This video took nearly 2,000 photos to make. I'm serious, my boredom is actually becoming a problem."


Here I go again alone on the streets
Ain't nobody who can make my heart beat
Cause I'm invisible now to the thieves and crooks
All dressed up in my cufflinks and tux

Doing the dead lover's waltz
In the afterlife ball
I could have settled but I wanted it all

Don't waste no time in stoppin' to wonder
If they still love you when you're six feet under
They leave the flowers and the notes by your grave
But heaven knows that you're not there anyway

Lyrics and music by Barry Whiteside.

Thanks to AK for the tip.

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