Thursday, December 30, 2010

Grievous Angel 'MC Garage' Mix

Defo one of my favourite mixes this year, witness the sickness HERE, tracklist below.

Digital Dubz: Sound of Da Police Refix 1999
Busta Rhymes: Dangerous (Garage refix) 1999
Corrupted Cru feat. MC Neat: G.A.R.A.G.E. 1998
The Corrupted Crew: How Much Gal? 2000
DJ Luck and MC Neat: A Little Bit of Luck (DJ Luck and Shy Cookie Remix) 1999
Tasty Jay and Nicky Nai Feat MC Jenksy: Rinse Out 2000
Teebone, Sparks & Ki: Fly Bi 1999
Jameson: This One (Club Mix) 2000
DJ Chubbstarr & A Fernandes Feat MC Preshus: RInse Out 1999
Headtop: The Don Donna 1999
Uncouth Youth & MC Dee: Steppin’ Up 2000
Headtop: The Don Donna – Dub Mix 1999

Recorded 23/10/2010. All vinyl, two takes. 107Mb 320.

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