Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dj Laz-E & Goldy 'Plastic Attack Deluxe Edition' On Rte 2XM (Radio Show)

After a 13 years run on pirate radio Power Fm the old school Hip Hop madness that is the Plastic Attack radio show is keeping its traditions alive on a bigger stage on RTE 2XM every Sunday 9-10pm with a Deluxe Edition. Tune in to be schooled by a couple of real Hip Hop 'heads' (see the pic, they iz da real ting bwoyyyyy) on classic beats, rare cuts, breaks, anecdotes and stalking techniques.
I listened to the whole show with a smile on my face.

Plastic Attack Deluxe Edition
Every Sunday 9-10pm on RTE 2XM
(Repeats on Wed 4-5pm)

You can download each show from Goldy's blog

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