Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thefft 'The Primer Ep' - FREE DOWNLOAD (With A Tweet)

A refreshing house release with carefully selected sounds that give the whole EP a beautiful sonic quality. 
Crunchy vintage drum machines sparsely programmed at a slower tempo, emphasizing the dark vibes permeating every groove. Many changes, breakdowns and drops, so right up my alley.
You can download the EP for free, if you 'pay' with a tweet over at the Cut Music website. 
Apparently 9.000 tweets were sent on the first day only, and I thought I was one of the first today...

Here's another house track Thefft posted on Soundcloud a few days ago, a more melodic number with a jazz piano riff chopped over an ever-changing beat, enjoy:

 TenTen by Thefft 

Twitter: @Thefft

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