Thursday, December 31, 2009

Freebird Records

This is the record store I worked in for the last 7 years, until it closed down last month.
I could go on forever on how many good moments I had and how many good heads I met but I won't, I'm not that good at writing, just trust me that I did.
My friend Goldy, who I worked with in the shop for the first 5 years, recorded a mix that could be considered a love/goodbye letter to the place, so I'll let him do the honours:

Here's a video segment broadcasted on Rte 1 about 3 years ago on Freebird and Sound Cellar:

A video flyer for Record Store Day, kindly put together by AK:

A video/pics slideshow of  Record Store Day uploaded by the mighty Dj Mayhem:

A live performance by Biggles Flys Again in the Wicklow St. store:

And here a link to some of the people that worked in the shop in the last decade:


Don't forget that the 2nd Freebird Records shop is still open and it's located at 'The secret book & record store' 15/A Wicklow St., Dublin 2. - Tel 01 7079955 - Email:

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