Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best Lp of the Noughties: Count Bass D 'Dwight Spitz'

I saw a few sites listing their favorites albums of the decade so I thought it was another great excuse to talk about 'Dwight Spitz'. I say that because since it came out, I tried to make sure that everyone I met would be aware of it.
Some of the best beats on the Lp are in the skits, one minute gems like 'Jussa Playa' or 'Say no to drugs'. It also contains the only beat that ever gave me goose bumps which is 'Blues for Percy Carey', when those big piano stabs hit, I melt.
Not a dead note in the whole album, great sampling, lyrics and beat making, a classic from the multi-instrumenatlist/lirycist Dwight Farrel aka Count Bass D.
Thanks to Goldy for the heads up, 'back in the day'.

The vinyl release is hard to find but if you're ready to fork out 80 squids you can get it here.

Get the download version here on iTunes.

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